Dutch Farm

Dutch Farm


It begins with Uncle Boon’s dream of starting a farm that is different from other farms. He said, “I desire to build a farm that is different from somewhere else. I had a chance of going to the zoo with my children but it made me disappointed because there were fences everywhere that my kids could not be closed enough to the animals. I would like to see friendly animals such as Dutch pony from England and a little sheep enjoy the grass on the green field. So I decided to build the golf courses at Dutch Farm”.

Dutch Farm

Dutch farm is perfectly merged with adorable ponies and brilliant green golf course views. Uncle Boon continued, “Besides, I realize that Chiang Mai is cool for all year, I grow up the beautiful garden of flowers in order to welcome tourists and it also creates the new experience of families, parents, and children to enjoy activities together."

Dutch Farm Chiang Mai

Delivering the new experience for the visitor in a new unique style because we have raised a lush golf course to not for play golf, but for pony and sheep for grazing and walking.

New experience

The animals on our farm are friendly. You can touch and be close to them without any fences or barriers. We guarantee that you will have an amazing experience from Dutch Farm Chiang Mai and certainly you will be impressed by adorable animals and to be closed with them.
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