Interesting Activity

Interesting Activity

Riding a pony

Various types of Shetland ponies and we brought all the lovely ponies for those of you who want to try riding. This is a new impression for visitors.

Wool cutting by yourself

The sheep on the farm are interesting and attractive for tourists. We have activities for those who want to try to cut the wool by yourself. This is a new experience for visitors on this farm.

Riding to see the natural scenery

In addition to enjoying the farm animals. Bicycle rentals are also available. Riding around on the farm, enjoy the scenery surrounded by mountains, fresh air, and green fields. You shouldn't miss it when you visit this farm.

Drink the coffee among the field

Refresh your life after a fun day at the Thung Na Coffee Shop, a coffee shop surrounded by rice fields. Breathing with fresh air and relaxing on the holiday. Taste the delicious aroma of coffee. Moreover, you can get a delicious bakery in this shop to do in every process.

Full breathing from the flower smell

There are a lot of flowers on the farm and if you like it, you can buy it. Walking through the garden with fresh air and beautiful nature around you. 
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