Farm Layout

Farm Layout

  • 1. Isan Lan Percent Restaurant
  • 2. Information
  • 3. Pony Courtyard
  • 4. Playground
  • 5. Pony Stable
  • 6. Flower Garden
  • 7. Windmill
  • 8. Fold
  • 9. Ruangkhao Restaurant
  • 10. Bike
  • 11. Tungna Coffee
  • 12. Innovation Center
  • 13. Three Accommodation
  • 14. Pond
  • 15. Oon View
  • 16. Football Field
  • 17. Green House
  • 18. Solar Dome
  •  Toilet
  •  Food
  •  Car Parking

Rural Fields

Greenfield When the rice is produced grains, it will become glistening yellow. When it comes to harvesting, the smell of rice bran. The atmosphere of the countryside is very rare. There are also ponds and cottages for sightseeing. The buffalo albino provides close contact. If anyone likes a rustic atmosphere. Travel to the atmosphere once.


In addition to the turbine farm is featured. The turbine front also has a flower garden for visitors to walk the colorful flowers. There is also a field of flowers in the back of the turbine or football field as well. This photo enthusiast will love it. I took a picture out pretty every corner of course.

Giant turbine

The large Dutch mill windmill that everyone has seen on television or other channels has brought you to a close look at this Dutch farm without going far abroad. This place will envelop you with the attractiveness of flowers, animals, and nature closely. In the style of the Dutch unforgettable.

Pets on the farm

In addition to the dwarf Chetland. The farm also has other animals such as sheep, rabbits, chicken, buffalo, and geese to visitors to experience and enjoy the beauty of animals.
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