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Tourist Attraction

Sankampang Hot Springs

 Sankampang Hot Springs is one of the popular tourist destinations in Chiangmai. You can soak your feet and boil eggs in nature hot Springs.

Mae Kampong Village

 Baan Mae Kampong is a small village located in the middle of the mountains. It's surrounded with plentiful greenery and water source. 

Umbrella Village

Visit the beauty of Lanna art at Bo Sang Umbrella village. you can learn how to make traditional vibrantly colored paper umbrellas. 

Mueang-On cave

Watch the beauty of the caves with stalactites and stalagmites that are naturally occurring.

Carving Museum

There's a lot of elephant sculpture. And maybe there is a chance to see how to carve.

Flight of The Gibbon

Zipline the mountain in nature. Have a traditional Thai lunch, Go to the waterfall in the afternoon.

The National Park

Beautiful mountain, fresh air, and quiet place. Nature trails for exploring, there has the homestay, tent, and restaurant support.

The Royal Project

Fresh air surrounded by mountains. Cool weather throughout the year. There is a restaurant serving great ingredients from the Royal Project.

Wat Pa Tung

Visit Wat Pa Tung. See the beauty of the temple interior architecture. It was formerly a deserted temple until it was restored.

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